August 11, 2017


Our Summer vacation is almost here.
I look forward to the days where we can have the first cup of coffee
head down to the gulf and read a good book for most of the day.
This is my chosen novel for this year's trip.

"The once grand home, built by Bess Codman's great-grandparents
almost a century ago, has fallen into ruins...their stunning Nantucket
estate hosted grand soirees and holds spell binding stories within.
Bess's mother, who is a well- known town rebel rouser refuses to leave
the home. Bess must learn to deal with the complicated relationship
she shares with her Mother, in addition to all the memories the house holds for her.
As she rediscovers the guest book from Cliff House, she learns her
Grandmother Ruby was the primary keeper of this guest book.
Ruby always said Cliff House was a home of women and 
by the very last day, of this, the very last summer,
Bess will understand the truth of her grandmother's words
in ways she never imagined...."

How I LOVE a good novel filled with history, mystery
a dash of romance...
don't you love to just get lost in the pages....

See y'all in September!

August 10, 2017


We have been taking family beach vacations
for a number of years now.
After so many of these trips, we pretty much
have it down to a science.
Of course, it does take alot of planning as far as 
meals, cleaning items, drinks and of course....FASHION!
The boys are in charge of fishing gear, grilling tools,
ice chests and canopies.
They can throw in shorts and t-shirts and are good to go.
I on the other hand, like to carefully plan
my wardrobe for each day and occasion.

We go down to the beach early, early morning
and have coffee. Then we walk back up 
to the beach house for breakfast.
Dressing for the day is very, very casual...
swim suits and cool cover-ups.

I like to choose cool and breezy tops to pair with
 a pair of white dress slacks
and white capri's for the evenings.

I most always go with turquoise, navy and whites.
I pack a few favorite jewelry pieces
three beach hats.
I also select dressy flip-flops, beach flip-flops and
one pair of dress sandals.

I am over the moon about caftans this year,....

thanks to Patricia Atlschul from Southern Charm.
I just adore her and love her elegant, yet relaxed style
of entertaining.

I loved this caftan so much,
I bought two of them!

This is my first cold shoulder top...
and I ADORE THIS....
I also found a perfect pair of espadrille's to wear with it!!!

The colors are so beach friendly and
it also has a touch of sparkle!

love these new espadrilles

I have had this top for many years and
it is light and gauzy....perfect for an evening shrimp boil.

This Ellen Tracy caftan is so colorful and flattering.
It is long enough to be dress length so this is going
to be so comfortable for cocktails out on the deck.

This blue porcelain by far
is my favorite for this year.....

I take along one maxi dress for our
special dinner out at a local restaurant...
I love the navy trim mixed with all the colorful rose florals.
So, I think I am pretty organized this year....
love, love, love to look forward to vacations. don't you?

August 9, 2017


Hey everyone....
As I have featured in previous posts,
we have been loving HELLO FRESH
for months now and are still enjoying every single meal.
This has really taken my cooking skills to a higher level.
Meal planning is fantastic for the grocery budget
and each meal  serving is less than $10.00.
We also usually have enough left over for lunch too.

I will share that the darling comes home from work
looking forward to discovering
"What's for dinner?"

I confess I am OCD on a crowded
refrigerator and prefer a neat and organized
produce section....this allows only a few fresh 
fruits and vegetables stored away as
they are used within a few days.

This has saved us time and money....
we leave ourselves free to cook our favorite family recipes
for the weekends
and I am so enjoying not to have to grocery shop all that often.

Did I mention, following their delicious meal planning
has also been good for our waistlines?

This is meal planning made easy and delicious y'all!!

Here is a great way to save $40.00 off
your first order if you want to experience


August 8, 2017


So many of us will be enjoying the summer
poolside or beach side over the next few months
skin care is essential for everyone.
The great thing about a beach trip is "there are no rules!!"
You may feel like a day where you get up, grab a pair of flip-flops
and a baseball hat and go out the door....
we only have ONE watches allowed.
Time does not matter....

However, there are also some mornings.
I prefer to 'do it up a bit'
there is an art to pulling it all together.

These are my favorite skin and beauty products
for enjoying those gulf beach waves.....

I invest in a good broad brimmed sun hat....
one that covers your entire head and face.

The first thing I do is develop a good base color for my skin,
If you have fair skin, you are going to be very susceptible for a sunburn,
The Loreal Sublime Bronze Towelettes is my all time favorite.
If you begin applying this every 3 or 4 days about a  month before your trip,
your skin will be lightly tanned and better prepared for the sun.
Buy a good high SPF sunscreen such as CeraVe.

My all time favorite product for around the eye area is
Garnier SKIN ACTIVE moisture rescue.
This eye gel feels so soothing and cool for the area under the eye.

For my face, I use Garnier Skin Active BB cream.
This just evens out your skin tone and gives a dewy glow to your complexion.

I then add a touch of blush in coral tones.

I apply a hunter green or navy eyeliner
and a moisture proof mascara.

For the lips,
it's best to choose a nude lipstick
with a touch of gloss.

The point is to look fresh, slightly shimmery

That's're good to go.

 I always carry my own fragrant soaps when traveling.
My choice of fragrance beach side is coconut.....
its hydrating and rather intoxicating through ocean breezes......

When you layer fragrance during a shower,
your skin will glow and take on the scents of summer....
blends of white frangipani,
 toasted coconut and bergamot waters 
essenced with a cool, saltwater breeze.

We take one night and dress up for an out-to-dinner
experience....I wear BEACHES by Lilly Pulitzer!

It's calling our name......

August 7, 2017


And so it begins.....
Luke the Duke has arrived to being a big third grader!
There is also a change from the past two years, in that
he will be "changing classes!"

The past few weeks have been spent
back to school shopping and getting the most out of summer fun....
like riding bikes with the DIVINE MISS M
and her new hot pink bike!

Miss M puts a lot of work into her family......
she planned a weekend camping excursion for the last
weekend before the start of school....
way up in the Georgia mountains....
how beautiful is this?

Their agenda including fishing, hiking,
canoeing, exploring and oh yes...
cocktails by the campfire!

They came upon a beautiful and refreshing waterfall.....
this reminded me of my younger days and
camping in the Smoky Mountains....

This is summer fun in Georgia.....
what a brief summer it was.....

Best of luck in the new school year...our darling grandson...
Do your best and be well and happy....
we love ya' to the moon and back!

August 6, 2017


Good Morning Loves....
Breakfast this morning is strawberry yogurt with Special K....
this is going to be a Sunday of anticipating changes.

Luke the Duke begins third grade tomorrow....
High School Volleyball tournaments are scheduled....
Middle School football practice begins...
The darling and I are packing for vacation.....
I am preparing for the autumn season......

I have so much to share with you for the coming week....
the reading corner for our beach trip,
the beauty items that I am packing...
beach fashion which is oh so fun.....

Hope y'all have a great Sunday!

August 5, 2017


Here in the great state of Texas,
we have a favorite Mexican delight known as
The Quesadilla!
This is so very easy to prepare and we love these
as a light lunch, an appetizer during cocktails
they make a marvelous after school snack for hungry children!

Melt about 1 tablespoon of butter in a saucepan.
Take one large flour tortilla and sprinkle generously
with sharp cheddar cheese.
Top with another tortilla and heat until lightly browned and slightly crispy
on each side. 
Slice into wedges and serve with sour cream, fresh guacamole 
fresh chopped tomatoes and a touch of cilantro!